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This entire site is dedicated to men and women who are into men who have a small dicks

The first few stories will be about my sexual life and how I have dealt with having a small dick, sharing my small dick and dicks of other men who are very small, having both men and women especially my long time girlfriend who enjoy inflicting humiliation on small dicks for there fun and pleasure and how I have grown and others I know have grown to deal with and enjoy having small dicks, enjoy having  small penis humiliation and the sexual gratification men like myself that are so small many people believe we are on the  cusp between being a man or being a women. I will share photos of myself and other men who have very small dicks, of my small dick being handled and trained to stay small and of some of my favorite small dicks photos from other sites.  Male chastity devices

There are companies around, the one that comes to mind is

who offers products that encourage men with small dicks to show them off and be proud. I will include photos of their male vagina style suits were are in some ways the most extreme form of small dick humiliation to the extent that they take men who have small dicks and mold them into a vagina shaped pouch that is as feminine and erotically female as anything I have ever seen for a man. These Fem swimwear designs are made for a man to be seen in public as a women, one of my girlfriends favorite pleasures and the humiliation she bestows upon me doing this just gets her off. I have many friends with small dicks that are feminized by both their boyfriends and girlfriends in the same manner. You tend to find groups of people who enjoy men with small dicks, who get together and do thing like having a pool party where just the men with small dicks are made to go nude. Real men and the girls wear what ever they want but the men with small dicks are forced to be nude the entire time. These groups enjoy showing off their man’s small dicks to each other. Men with small dicks tend to have some things in common. I my circle of friends we are all shaved so the small dicks can be clearly seen, we have sex with each other in front of our wife’s, girlfriends, boyfriends and many times even their friends, most of us are straight and I feel that is the biggest turn on for them.


This site will take on a free form structure and as I add to it some of my rants might not stay in any particular order but I hope you will find them enjoyable anyway.


I have access to many photos of men nude with very small dicks being shown.

Some men find having their photo posted with their very small dicks exposed is humiliation on it’s own, they have so much to learn! We will search out and post interesting links about small dicks that men are modeling and the humiliation they deal with.  Mens swimwear



Remember this site is a work in progress so make sure to visit us regularly.


Men and their small dicks

What qualifies as small dicks? Many men think they have a small penis when in fact they are average.  Most people into small dicks would say that is smaller then 1.5 inches soft

and 3.5 inches hard would have to be considered a small dick.

My dick in it’s soft state is about ¾” and has a very small diameter, we know girls that have larger clits.





Small dicks in public


If you are at a public setting say a beach in Europe more often then not men with small dicks seem to be the norm, mostly because they are used to wearing small bikinis and very small thongs just like the girls do. This type of swimwear evens out the playing field and I enjoy wearing them because my small dick looks very much like any other bulge.







Small dicks and humiliation, being passed around like a sex slave


I am a straight male, maybe a better description would be a straight slave.

That being said my GF loves to share my small dick with her friends and forces me

to have sex with men and women who seem to get a big turn on over playing with a poor slaves with their small dicks. I have been bound up at our local bondage club and my GF had one man after another play, suck, stroke, photograph, spank, milk and finger me in front of crowds of people at the bondage party until I was in tears, my humiliation seemed to increase the sexual intensity of the party. Many small dicks are just to small for anal sex and not much good for vaginal sex though many women want to try and see what such a small cock feels like. It’s amazing how many men and women get tremendous enjoyment and pleasure from something so small and it’s more then the novelty because many of them I have sex with often, of course a large part of their pleasure comes from degrading me in front of one another and the pleasure they derive from my utter humiliation. Small dicks are very in with some crowds.



We will be offering many more stories and articles about men with small dicks along with tons of photos.


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